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That's why we want you to follow these tips! If you take care of your teeth, you'll enjoy easier and more stress-free dental appointments. When it's time to pay a visit, remember to choose the local member of the ADA!

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 •  Brush your teeth (for at least 2 - 3  

     minutes) at least twice a day.

 •  Floss daily.

 •  Visit your dentist every 6 months

     (twice a year).

 •  Replace your toothbrush 3 - 4 times

     a year.

Remember these tips for a healthier and more beautiful smile

 •  Limit your intake of starchy and sugary    

    food and drinks.

 •  If you wear removable appliances, clean    

    and rinse them after eating.

 •  Consume lots of foods and drinks that    

    are rich in calcium (such as milk, yogurt,    

    and cheese).

Routine trips to the dentist are important to your dental health! Choose the experts that are backed by more than 30 years of experience. We'll even file your insurance paperwork for you.

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